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My first impression of was quite positive. Although the website is basic, I liked it. I also liked the services offered. In addition to CVs and cover letters, they also offer career counselling. It’s an addition that many writing services lack. When a job candidate gets their application documents, they still need training on how to use them and what to do during an interview.

So far so good.

But the first impression is never final. I did what I always do when reviewing a service: I ordered products at this website. Read my CV-Writers review to see what I got.

Offered Services

CV services are the highlight of the offer. The company offers a few types of CVs:

  • Immediate impression CV
  • Immediate impression mini CV
  • Comprehensive CV
  • Graduate CV

The comprehensive CV consists of 3 pages. It’s longer and more expensive than the usual CV. It’s good for executive roles. However, if you order it for an entry-level position, you’ll get an unnecessarily long document that doesn’t make a good impression. offers a few other services in addition to CVs:

  • Career counselling
  • Free CV review
  • Job application feedback
  • LinkedIn profile
  • Interview coaching

The offer seems complete. I would only add resumes, since many job applicants from the UK need them. We have many freelancers here, as well as people applying for jobs abroad.

Prices, Discounts and Special Features

Immediate Impression CV Writing Immediate Impression Mini CV Writing

Comprehensive 3+ page CV Service High Impact Graduate CV Writing Service

When you click on a service, the site takes you to a page with a clear description and pricing. The immediate impression CV costs £210. It’s only a CV. If you want to complement it with a LinkedIn profile and a cover letter, the package will cost £320.

The immediate impression mini CV is slightly more affordable (£160 just for the CV). The comprehensive CV is the most expensive one in the offer. It costs £275. If you want a 4-page CV< it will cost £330. When you add a LinkedIn and a cover letter to the package, the price will get to £440. You can pay £80 extra for a quick delivery of 30 minutes.

Writer Certifications and Service Guarantees

There’s a section on the website explaining why you should choose CV Writers. According to the info presented there, the writers have experience in every job role you can imagine. Still, you won’t find precise details about their qualifications. Do they hold a degree? Do they have experience as HR specialists?

As for the guarantees, there’s a privacy policy at the website. The problem is that the terms and conditions aren’t transparent. I never recommend my readers to order products from sites that don’t feature their terms. That’s the first thing you should check.

Quality of the Ordered Product

First, I required a free revision of my CV. I submitted a brilliant CV that I got from a high-quality service. This one already got me an interview and a job, so I knew it was a good one. I got it back with a single comment: it lacks depth. The editors didn’t provide any tips on improvements. They just recommended me to order a new CV at the website.

So I did that.

I paid for a new CV. When I got it, I was disappointed with the result. The CV had too many irrelevant details. The writer even included information about the high school degree and extracurricular activities (he asked me about those details during the consultation). That’s not necessary when you apply for a job higher than entry level. It’s distracting info that makes a negative impression.

Meeting of Deadlines

I paid the extra £80 to get the CV back in 30 minutes. This was such a lengthy CV that it was impossible for the writer to complete it in such a short timeframe. I got the product in two hours. I contacted the support to tell them about the missed deadline. They told me that the writer did complete the CV in 30 minutes. They just took longer to find the right writer for me.

Why did they even offer the 30-minute delivery when they couldn’t comply with the guarantee? That’s the thing: there’s no guarantee. You can’t rely on terms and conditions to call out the service for responsibility.

Key Takeaways

This is not a serious CV writing service. The prices are very high, and the customers get a boring, irrelevant product that doesn’t get them noticed. The CV I got looked like mere rambling. The concept of design was non-existent. It’s just a simple page with too much text on it.

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