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The first thing you should know about is that this company has one of the most complicated websites I’ve seen. The design is impressive, but the information is hard to find and poorly organized. But, that was the least of my worries. Even though they haven’t been selling job application products for long, they have been doing so for a couple of years. In all that time, they haven’t popped up in any recommended list, they have very little reviews from customers, and those reviews aren’t great at all.

Because of all this, I took my time and went through the entire website, including their order section where I placed my order for one of their packages.

Offered Services

This is tricky, but they did try to explain it on the website. I’ll try and simplify it. There are two types of packages they have, some of which include just a CV, while others can combine it with cover letters or LinkedIn profiles. These packages can either be questionnaire led packages or telephone consultation packages. It all comes down to how you want to provide them with the information you need in your CV.

You’ll see the details of their packages in the pricing section of my review.

Prices, Discounts and Special Features

Here are the prices that accompany the packages of the company:

  • Career booster package (questionnaire or consultation and CV) – £115.00 or £235.
  • Professional package (questionnaire or consultation, CV, and cover letter) £185 or £299.
  • Executive package (questionnaire or consultation, CV by industry specific consultant, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile) – £299 or £399.
  • Head-Hunter consult (60 minute consultation with senior level executive consultant, CV, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile) for £599.

The consultations for the first three options last 30 minutes, but you can pay an extra £70 to upgrade this to 60 minutes. To be more, the Executive package and the head-hunter consult have a free revision range of 9 days, while the rest have only of 3.

You’ll probably agree that these prices are more than just a bit exaggerated. Until now, I haven’t come across such a steeply priced company. To my knowledge, there are no discounts at this service.

Writer Certifications and Service Guarantees

Apparently, the company has executive CV writers and consultants with at least 10 years of experience. This is mentioned on their writers’ website, but there’s no information about who those writers are. In fact, based on their reputation, I don’t think that they have such qualified people here. At least, that’s not what it seemed like to me when I talked to one and received my package.

They have these guarantees for revisions, but I wouldn’t put my trust into them at all. I asked for one and my request was denied based on the grounds that the package came on time and they didn’t see any flaw in it. Since when is customer satisfaction irrelevant?

Quality of Ordered Product

Speaking of quality, I better get into details. I got myself one of the most expensive job application packages ever and as a result, I waited five days for delivery. This is too long for such companies but still, it would be fine if the quality was as great as they say.

I can’t say that the quality was terrible or anything in that calibre, but it was definitely not deserving of the hundreds of dollars I paid for it. They sent just two things for me in the end – CV and cover letter. They were perfectly fine, but definitely not worth it.

Meeting of Deadlines

The deadline is long to begin with, but they did meet it, so I had to complain there. Their other deadline that for the free alterations, is a complete scam. They didn’t even accept to fix something I wanted in my cover letter.

Key Takeaways is definitely not a scam in terms of what they deliver and the quality is rather decent. But, they have the most extravagant prices I’ve seen and they are trying to charge those to people searching for a job. Not to mention, their guarantees don’t seem to stick, so you’ll be spending a fortune without any safety whatsoever. There are plenty of services with a better reputation at a much lower price, so this wouldn’t be my first choice if I ever need to order a CV or cover letter again.

Best CV Writing Service

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