How do you rate websites?

I have had years of experience working and studying online. I have also made a business out of offering advice to people who are looking for help online. This has helped me develop skills to know what to look for in a website. I have developed criteria that I use to grade the websites that I review. I did not come up with this method out of nothing. A lot of these websites have made this for me. Here’s what I look for:

  • Main service/ Product and usability of the site
    A nicely done website is the glue that attracts clients to your service or your product. This always indicates how serious a service is. If the site is shoddy, then the service offered is probably shoddy as well. Good services take time to make sure their website looks good. They also clearly indicate what they can do for you. A proper site should load quickly.
  • Cost/Prices
    Depending on what you are looking for, the cost offered by the service (website) should tell you whether you can trust them or not. For example, a CV writing service should not always be cheap. I get the competitive nature of the business, but sometimes cheap means incompetence. If it’s too easy to get it, it’s probably not worth it. I examine different packages offered and whether they make any sense at all. I also look for discounts. Discounts are great when you are new to a service. I also look at how easy it is to pay for the services in a secure way. It should be easy, right?
  • Guarantees of service and trust in writers
    It’s great when you can get a good service at an affordable rate. It’s even better when the website guarantees you certain things. I look for whether the company can stand behind what they claim to be. Do they send in the CV in the promised timeline? How is their customer service? What criteria do they use for hiring their writers? Some websites promise engagement with the writer. I find out the quality of the engagement when I order my CV.
  • The quality of the written CV
    This should probably come first because it’s really important that they get the CV right. I have come across websites that promise heaven only to deliver something else. Some websites use templates to create the CV even though they promise not to. I have interacted with thousands of professionally written CVs and can tell whether one is done nicely. I also check for copy-pasted work. I have seen from other reviews online how some services copy-paste CVs and send them to their clients.
  • Real terms of writing
    I find out if the website has writers that stick to the task. If there is a chance to speak to the writer and find out the progress of the work, I take that chance to ensure everything comes along fine. I also pay attention to deadlines. Most services will let you know how long it will take them to finish writing your CV. There’s often no freedom for you to choose your own deadline. Even so, I’m experienced enough to know that a normal CV shouldn’t take more than 48 hours to write.
  • Reviews
    As experienced as I am, I have to find out the experiences of others as well. This I do by visiting trusted review sites like Trustpilot. These reviews tell you a lot about a service and how their customers feel.

How does topcvwritersuk generate funds?

Google Adsense. In other words, “ads.” There’s isn’t much to earn here but whatever little income generated goes a long way in helping to buy CVs from the websites before I can write a review. The extra funds are for the time spent doing all the work – I need it!

What elements does your website contain?

The main components of our website are our all-encompassing reviews. Besides that, our question and answer forum is a great place to get advice from experts on a variety of topics, including ratings and customer feedback.
The product review section provides in-depth reviews of products from a variety of different categories. And finally, our blog is a great resource for tips, tricks, and news about the latest trends on the market.

Are topcvwritersuk’s reviews accurate and up-to-date?

Yes, topcvwritersuk’s reviews are accurate and up-to-date. The site is constantly updated with new information and reviews, so you can trust that the information is current.

Do you have any discounts for CVs I can use?

I do not collaborate with any site that offers CV writing services. To offer honest, unbiased reviews, I created this website as an independent author, and therefore am not affiliated with any agency. Because of this, I have no pricing privileges, so I cannot offer you any discounts.
You can, however, read about available discounts and the pricing of companies in my reviews. I’ve written about every site in detail so that you can learn everything without even having to go through their pages.

Are all reviews of CV services up to date here?

Yes. I constantly check and edit the reviews based on what I find online. I’ll go through recent testimonials, check any changes on the websites, and if this doesn’t fit with my previous evaluation of the company, I update the review. On this website, you can find up-to-date, honest and unbiased reviews of CV writing services. My goal is not to dissuade you from buying from a company, but to tell you all you need to know to make a safe, smart decision.

Reviews and Ratings

Is it possible to remove my website listing from topcvwritersuk?

It’s important to note that all the reviews here are done from an honest perspective. I have pointed out how I analyze different sites. However, I should also point out that every review is my subjective opinion. I don’t violate any confidentiality rights by writing these reviews. The feedback included in my reviews are from real customers who have had an experience with the reviewed service.

What algorithm do you use for ranking?

I look into and rank the usability of the site because this is a great indicator of how serious the company is. Of course, I pay special attention to the prices and discounts, and will tell you all you need to know about them in my reviews.
To make sure the company is safe, I look for guarantees for delivery, quality, and things like interview invitation guarantees. Lastly, I order to check the actual quality and read reviews on trusted sites to give the company its ranking.