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I’ve gone through many lists of resume companies and never before have I heard of the one named As far as appearance goes, no one would really choose to buy here based on what the website looks like. But, I’ve learned better than to judge a company from its website design or content.

In the end, the design and plain site were the least of my concerns. almost has no reputation at all and the bit of reputation that I found out there was rather negative. This site is legit and sends out products when you order them, but the quality is debatable and a risky thing. Keep reading to learn why I think this.

Offered Services

The offered services are all available on the CV services page. They go beyond just CVs, so the name can be misleading. Aside from this, the list looks pretty good. You can get a re-design of your CV, editing of its contents, phone consultation with one of their agents, brand new CV with consultation, LinkedIn profile service, job board submission, office-based CV consultation, regular or advanced interview coaching, etc. These are sold separately, but there are also three packages that combine the re-designing process of ready CVs you already have. I’ll discuss the prices in the following section.

Prices, Discounts and Special Features

Now, let’s take a look at the prices of Cvlizard packages and services. I believe that they are quite satisfactory for a job seeker, which is why I gave this company some points in the first place.

  • Silver package (CV re-design) at £19.99
  • Gold package (CV re-design and edit) at £39.99
  • Platinum package (CV re-design, edit, and consultation) at £49.99
  • New CV with consultation at £59.99
  • Cover letter at £29.99
  • LinkedIn profile and optimization at £24.99
  • Job board submission at £24.99
  • Office based consultation at £84.99
  • Interview coaching from £29.99 to £59.99

Their prices are much cheaper from what I’m used to paying in such companies, which is good news for most job seekers. After all, when you’re looking for a job, you sure don’t want to spend a fortune before you even get the chance to get your first pay check.

Writer Certifications and Service Guarantees

This is where things started going downhill. What is supposed to be excellent and experienced coachers and writers turned out a disaster in my case. The package came two days late after I reached out to them angry, asking why they haven’t delivered it. Apparently, CV Lizard didn’t even notice my order and payment!

No one refunded me for this, even though I immediately asked to be refunded when they told me that they haven’t even started. I got the package two days later without any excuse or discount, so you can be pretty certain that their guarantees are as fake as they get.

Quality of Ordered Product

To make things worse, the package was definitely rushed and not good at all. Not only did was the formatting and order of information terribly organized, but they had too many typos for me to even count. Even though their prices are low, this was a disaster. I asked them to revise the package as per their guarantees, but they decided to ignore this request altogether. Up until this moment, I still haven’t been able to get a response, which makes the customer service one of the worst I’ve dealt with.

Meeting of Deadlines

As I mentioned, Cvlizard not only missed my deadline, but hadn’t even started working on my order. Apparently, this has happened plenty of times before since in the few reviews I found outside their amazing testimonials page, everyone mentioned similar problems. It goes without saying that you can’t put much trust into their testimonials page.

Key Takeaways

Something about seemed strange and risky to me from the moment that I opened their website. The site doesn’t look even a bit professional and the design is far from modern or good for the eye. But, this ended up to be the smallest problem they have. What appears to be a really well-priced company with amazing testimonials is actually a service with terrible employees, including their writers and their support. They missed my order altogether, rejected the request to comply to their own guarantees, and in the end, delivered a terribly done package that I couldn’t use anywhere. I can’t possibly recommend this service after the experience.

Best CV Writing Service

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