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Like many other job seekers, I find it hard to get prepared for the job search. There are so many things to handle even before starting looking for opportunities. CVs, LinkedIn profiles, letters and other stuff needed are not so easy to prepare. That is why I am seeking help at professional CV writing companies.

Today, I decided to share my opinions about the Executivecv.net team. Their services, prices, discounts and the most importantly, deliverability and quality. And I hope after reading my review, you will be able to decide if this company can supply you with what you need or not.

Offered Services

If you search for general CV writing help, it looks like the ExecutiveCV company is not for you. This team does not deliver CVs and other papers to everyone who needs them. They provide career help for executives and CEOs. As a result, they have a minimal service offering that includes some basic paper and career coaching.

They offer various packages that might include a CV, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, proven career record, and a couple of hours of consultation with career builder professionals. This company does not offer submissions, follow up and thank you letters to their clients, so it is what they are missing.

Prices, Discounts and Special Features

What is so unique in this team’s offering that makes them so expensive? Well, after reading so many executivecv reviews online, I had not thought that this service is so costly. Of course, if they will do all the job for you, it is okay, but as mentioned before, they don’t provide more than other companies do.

So, the price here starts at 215 GDP per package that is exceptionally high for an average job seeker. Of course, these guys offer a discount of 25% for each package order with them, but even such a discount does not change the price. Nevertheless, if the company exists, I assume they have clients ready to pay for this service. Let us dig into their expertise to see if it influenced the price of the service.

Writer Certifications and Service Guarantees

When you are ordering a CV paper at such expensive writing service, you expect to get help from career-building professionals who have recommendations and references from past clients and some certifications and diplomas in the area. Unfortunately, I was not able to find any details about staff members here. The company claims that they are the best, not providing any references or documents supporting their expertise.

As for guarantees, there is a standard set: excellent quality, in-time delivery and complete privacy. I had not found any details about money back or other things other companies offer.

Quality of Ordered Product

Not looking at the price, I decided to contact this company and get a CV from them. I wanted a CV for a Jhon Smith who tried to get an executive position in a world-class enterprise’s technical department. I had very concrete requirements and was ready for a call to discuss opportunities.

My call with the company representative was introductory. The person asked several questions about my goals and expertise, talked about opportunities their service will open to me and tried to sell me a career coaching course.

As for my CV, it was late for a few hours, and I was not satisfied with it. It was a CV template where my details were added. There were some glitches in the expertise and some mistakes in technologies. I asked for the corrections, yet their writer was not able to handle this.

Meeting of Deadlines

The paper was late, but it was not critical if you are not in an extremely competitive niche. Moreover, you discuss the deadline during a call, and the writer had enough time to create the paper. I do not think it is an issue yet. You should be ready for that.

Key Takeaways

I hope my review was not the same as other executivecv.net reviews you can find online since they claim that this company is excellent. Yet, they had not tried other teams like me and cannot judge the service quality and prices. As for me, let me sum up my opinion.

I think it is probably the most expensive CV writing team I had seen. For a basic package of CV writing and LinkedIn profile, they charge more than 200 GDP. If you compare the price with other companies, you will see that it is two or three times higher.

The call they offer is aimed to help their writer to learn more about you. However, the questionnaire is standard and not industry focused. As a result, it leads to mistakes in the final paper and staff members’ inability to correct it, according to industry standards.

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