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If there is a list of badly organized websites out there, I’d place this one somewhere on the top. CVFolks has decent offers in terms of pricing, but they haven’t used a good system to organize and present them. It is hard to understand why one CV has a higher price than another, mostly because they sell the same thing with some extra promises.

At the beginning, this was the least of my worries. I was much more worried about CV Folks reviews. The service is not a popular one, that is obvious since I had never heard about it or come across it before this. Out of the very limited number of CV folks reviews to be found online, most are truly bad.

At this point, I knew that I needed to dig much deeper about their services and cv writers. Keep reading to find out what I learned.

Offered Services

This part did not impress me at all. You can only find three things at this service: CV, cover letter, and LinkedIn makeover. There are no resumes, no editing services, no thank-you or follow-up letters, or interview preparations. They lack most of the products that this type of company offers.

To make matters worse, you can only get the cover letter and/or LinkedIn profile if you have already picked a CV. You can buy a package of two or add one to the price of the CV, but you cannot get only a cover letter or LinkedIn makeover.

Prices, Discounts and Special Features

As a customer, I was given three types of CVs to choose from: professional level (0 to 5 years of experience), management level (workers at mid-level positions with experience ranging between 6 and 12 years), and executive level (suitable for directors, senior managers, CEO, C-level professionals with experience of over 12 years).

The difference between these is not just the pricing. They also have some different special features. For example, the professional CV comes with 3 free revisions, while the executive comes with 4 revisions.  The thing I found very peculiar and a bit annoying is that they’ve told customers how much is the product’s ‘value on the market’. They tried to show how cheap the service is, but what basis have they used to determine the real value? This market has such a big price range, that’s impossible.

Essential CV costs £65. Premium CV costs £125. Finally, Executive level CV costs £175. The additional options I was given include:

  • Essential level CV and cover letter package for £95 (+ LinkedIn)
  • Premium level CV and cover letter package for £95 (+ LinkedIn)
  • Executive level CV and cover letter package for £205 (plus LinkedIn profile)

CV Folks reviews | Essential CV 65 CV Folks reviews | Premium CV 125 CV Folks reviews | Executive CV 175

Essential Package 96 Premium Package 155 Executive Package 205

These rates are attractive in this market, but they don’t have actual discounts unless you take their ‘real value on the market’ seriously.

Writer Certifications and Service Guarantees

I didn’t mind their strange marketing tricks because the thing I was most focused on was the quality. According to the site, they have some really experienced writers who do these kinds of projects regularly. However, I was a bit sceptical about it all when I found no guarantees mentioned. They mention free revisions, but I got none. If you look through their services’ description carefully, you’ll notice that there aren’t guarantees there, just statements like: ‘professional layout’ and ‘CV uses evidence-based method to draw reader’s attention’.

Quality of Ordered Product

This part is what made CV Folks so poorly rated in my review. I couldn’t possibly give them a better rating, not after what I saw in the products they delivered. The pricing points in this direction, but it was worse than I thought. The CV I received had some mistakes in it, which means that they didn’t even stop to proofread it. That wasn’t even so bad, I would have done this on my own, but the CV’s quality was actually bad. It was a template that was slightly tweaked and probably in a rush. Ergo, all those mistakes.

The cover letter was also a template. I know this because when I checked it with a scanner, it found some plagiarism and took me directly from the site they took the template from.

Meeting of Deadlines

This was the only good thing about the order – it came right on schedule. But, what good was it if they just downloaded a template and sent it to me?

CV Folks reviews | Trustpilot

CV Folks reviews

CV Folks reviews
CV Folks reviews

Key Takeaways

This service has many flaws, one of which doesn’t allow me to ever recommend them – the bad quality. They also have limited services, basically no guarantees, and no discounts. Some features were good and the prices are competitive, but it’s definitely not one I’d use again.

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