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Best CV Writing Service is not a widely known website for resume services. They have a poor marketing strategy and a poorly designed website. Right from the moment when you set foot on their homepage, you’ll get perplexed by all the information presented there. The content is disorganized, which makes it hard to navigate through the pages. It took us a long while to gather the information we needed for this review.

We would gladly gloss over all this if the quality was satisfactory and the offerings of the company were fair. But, we came across some serious issues. You can read about them in this Pro-cv review.

Offered Services

Pro-cv offers customers three main types of services. These include:

  • CV writing services
  • Interview coaching
  • LinkedIn profile

Their CV writing services are available for different fields such as management, legal, hospitality, health, etc. You can also find entry level products, executive CVs, as well as products for students, graduates, and MBAs.

Prices, Discounts and Special Features

You cannot know what a product will cost you at until you get a quote via e-mail from the company. Customers are asked to send a request via e-mail to the company to receive a quote for their order. There isn’t a form you can fill or a live chat you can use for this purpose, which is very impractical. You have to go to your e-mail and write to the company to learn how long it will take and how much it will cost to get a CV, coaching, or LinkedIn makeover there.

On the site, we found a page that listed some samples of prices, but the quote we were given was higher than these. Some examples of prices here include £40 for student graduate CV changes, £70 for executive CV changes, £50 for LinkedIn profile, etc. However, you should know that these rates aren’t for writing services. They are simply for editing of your existing CV. You have to send this company a CV to receive their service. It’s basically an editing service.

In fact, this is literally an editing service since they will even charge £15 to add a single experience or any other detail to your existing CV. The only thing you get with the base price of £40 or £70 is formatting and rearranging of your existing information. Not to mention, we received a higher quote than this sample prices.

Writer Certifications and Service Guarantees

According to the website, all resume writers are highly qualified and will finish a product within 5 to 7 days. Considering the high prices offered for editing, this is a very long deadline. If you request a shorter deadline, it will cost more. We found no actual guarantee information provided on the website.

Quality of Ordered Product

We didn’t order a product as much as we ordered editing. That’s the only thing you get here. We paid a quote of £90 to the service to edit an existing CV. It cost us over £120 since we wanted to add some qualifications in it. The result was frustrating, to say the least. All their writers did was move some things around, do a bit of formatting, and send it to us. None of the things they did was effective. The formatting looked sloppy and worse than the original, and the formatting was very basic. They didn’t highlight any information and since we left some mistakes in the original CV we sent, they didn’t even proofread the work.

Meeting of Deadlines

We waited 6 days for this kind of service. The work of the writer at was sloppy at best and couldn’t have taken more than an hour. Their deadline option is too long to begin with, and based on what kind of quality we received, it wouldn’t make a difference even if they had speedy deliveries.

We spoke to the support to discuss these issues. You can only reach the company via their e-mail and they respond in days, not hours. The only time they responded fast was when they sent us the quote, which came 2 hours after we sent an e-mail. This is still very long for a service.

Key Takeaways has a vast list of services, but that is pretty much the only thing good about this company. Their prices look low, but they don’t really apply to CV writing. The company does almost nothing and they still charge you. Pro-CV takes a lot of time to edit your CV or provide you with another service, and the results are far from ideal.

Best CV Writing Service

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